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2nd International Halal Tourism Conference

03 – 05 May 2016, Konya, Turkey


Mr. M. Raffick Nabee Mohomed and Mr. Riyad Hullemuth recently attended the 2nd International Halal Tourism Conference held in Mevlana Cultural Center, Konya, Turkey on 03 – 05 May 2016.


What is Halal Tourism?



The concept of Halal, does not apply only to food and eatables, but includes any Shari’ah compliant products ranging from bank dealings to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and vaccines and tourism. Halal Tourism is a form of tourism for Muslims who prefer to utilize services, facilities and activities compliant with Islamic principles. This means offering tour packages and destinations all over the world that are particularly designed to cater for Muslim considerations and address Muslim needs. The fundamental of Halal tourism includes the components such as Halal hotel, Halal transportation, Halal food premises, Halal logistics, Islamic finance, Islamic travel packages, and Halal spa.



The following clipping appeared on Star, a local weekly newspaper (Star No. 1639 – 29 Mai au 4 Juin 2016 – Pg 16). Language: French.




To find more details about the Conference, please go to: http://www.halaltourismconference.com/


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