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Leadership Development Programme at National Centre for Co-operative Education (NCCE), National Co-operative Union of India (NCUI), New Delhi

27th to 31st May 2016

A delegation consisting of six Board members, including the Chairman (Mr. Mustakeem Bhugaloo), Secretary (Mr. Mamode Raffick Nabee Mohomed) and Treasurer (Mr. Abdool Rajack Jugoo) are presently in New Delhi to attend a Training Program on Leadership at the National Centre for Co-operative Education of NCUI from 27th – 31st May 2016.


Right to Left:

Messrs. Mustakeem Bhugaloo, Abdool Rajack Jugoo, Mohammad Khaleck Jafferkhan, Abdool Mahboob Unjurachata, Mamode Raffick Nabee Mohomed and Feroz Khan Goolamgookhan



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